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2023-24 Elite Tournament Team CT or NJ

If you are interested in a make up tryout or evaluation to play THIS SUMMER , please email OR click here


We are excited to announce our 2023 Tryout Information!!  At DEWLAX we are about technical and tactical excellence, NO POLITICS and family friendly scheduling for younger athletes.  We are LEARNING GUARANTEED for all athletes, not just a chosen few.

We had four 2024 Teams – Each of them had at least one Division I committed athlete.  We don’t care if you are interested in DI, DII, DIII or Club, we will help you get there!!


RISING GRADES 3 – 8 Graduation years 2028 – 2033 - The grade you will be in September

We have both our formal tryout and an EARLY READ Option for those going to summer camp, etc.
Location – Oak Knoll School, 44 Blackburn Road, Summit NJ

Monday, June 26 – 6PM – 7th & 8th Grade – 2028s & 2029s

Tuesday, June 27 – 6PM - Up to 6th Grade – 2030s, 2031s, 2032s & 2033s

RISING GRADES 9 – HS – Grad years 2025 – 2027 - The grade you will be in September

Wednesday, July 12 – Oak Knoll School - 6-8PM - ALL HS


We offer an early read for all athletes who are going to summer camp or need to know earlier.

Week of June 19 – ALL GRADES – REGISTER and Select EARLY READ JUNE.

Week of July 10 – HS – REGISTER and Select EARLY READ JULY.

Connecticut/Massachusetts/Rhode Island

The fastest growing club in the region.  The best coaching.  Come see what the excitement is all about!!

Location - Saint Joseph's University, 1678 Asylum Ave, W Hartford, CT

Monday, July 10 - 6-8PM - Up to grade 8 - 2033s - 2028s

Monday, July 17 - 6-8PM - High School - 2027s-2025s

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