At DEWLAX , we are with you the entire time.  With unparalleled college contacts and a transparent approach, we provide

guidance every step of the way to help you achieve your dreams of playing at the next level.  Whether you are looking to

compete for a DI Championship or discover that you love the game and want to continue playing in college, we can help

define the perfect opportunity for you!



We work with you to help define your search combining your goals with a professional look at your skill set.  We specialize in

technical development of athletes and create custom progress plans for each player so they can reach their goals.  We have

current college coaches on staff and bring in DI College Coaches where they can also provide guidance and exposure for

young aspiring athletes.



At DEWLAX, we serve every athlete.  Not just the top 4-5 on a team, but every athlete on every team.  If you aspire to

play at the next level, we are here to help!  If you make our program, this service is here for you at all levels.



We have had recruiting success at all levels of DI, DII and DIII.  We have provided training and development and most

important a roadmap to assist athletes to help them reach their dreams.  Below is a list of schools where our former athletes

who we’ve trained compete.


DI – Colgate University, Columbia University, Dartmouth University, Duke University, LaSalle University, Penn State, Sienna College, Longwood University, Delaware State, University of Maryland, University of Vermont

DII – University of New Haven, St. Leo University, Westchester College, Georgian Court University, Felician University,

Grand Valley State

DIII – Muhlenberg College, Weslyen University, Bryn Mawr College, Williams College, Ithaca College, TCNJ,

Montclair State, Drew University

"At each stage of our DEWLAX journey the girls were prepared. In the early years they were focused on getting “ 1% Better Everyday ”. Your “Put in the Work” mentality earned the team sidelines filled with coaches at each tournament. While girls played hard you walked the sidelines. The marketing fact sheets you created gave coaches pertinent information about each player. The emails with photos to coaches highlighting players allowed coaches to get to know players prior to allowed conversations. The culmination was the girl’s readiness for college recruiting and the importance you placed on being prepared for September 1. Your one-on-one conversations and rehearsals with every player allowed them to be ready for the conversations to come.

As the girls continue on their journey-we know they will take with them the values and lessons you and all of their DEWLAX coaches instilled in them. We are proud to be part of the DEWLAX family and have no doubt that the friendships and memories the girls have made will continue to bring big smiles to their faces for years to come.  We will continue to cheer on the program that was so special to our girls and know you will continue to inspire them as they continue on their lacrosse journeys in college."

Jaime L, Mother of Jordyn - Maryland - 2025 and Ally - Penn State - 2025

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