While box lacrosse continues to grow in popularity in the US, DEWLAX has created a premier Girls Box Lax League in New Jersey!

We will focus on educating our athletes to the speed and skill needed in a box area during the off season and translating those skills to the field! 

Why Box Lax?


A main reason for the growth in popularity of box lacrosse is that players get more time with the ball to improve their stick skills because the ball rarely goes out of play. 


Operating in tighter spaces with less reaction time boosts everyone’s field game. A player’s shooting skills grow as they shoot on smaller nets against goalies wearing more equipment. The indoor game is simply quicker up and down the turf, which improves all-around athleticism and fitness.

What to Expect -

Box season info

Our goal is to create high quality Girls Box Lax teams that will emerge with higher level stick skills and cognitive recognition of the game of lacrosse that will translate to the field.

  • Box Lax Interest Day / Tryouts - Jan 2nd

  • 3 play dates​​

  • 6 practice dates at Inman Sports Center in Edison, NJ

  • DEWLAX Box Pinnie

  • Dedicated Box Coaching Staff

  • Goalie Coaches

What do I need?

*due to COVID - no water will be provided

With your Girls Box Lax League, you will be provided a team pinnie, but you will be required to provide the following...

  • Helmet

  • Padding (chest protector, elbow pads)

  • Gloves

  • Mouthguard

  • Lacrosse Stick (boys preferred but can participate with a girls stick)

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