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"Any program can teach sticks skills. What makes DEWLAX different is the coaches. In addition to teaching me everything I needed to be successful on the field, we  focused on fun, friendship and our DEWLAX family. They taught me the importance of teamwork - that we always do our best when we focus on the team instead of just ourselves. We have had seasons where we lost every game and ones where we have gone undefeated. Regardless of the outcome, our coaches taught us to hold our heads high, own our mistakes, and learn from them.  We learned to celebrate our success, but still strive for more. I just started working as a Coaching Assistant this summer and I hope I help someone reach their full potential as a player and as a person, just like my coaches did for me.

Thank you Coach Fay, Coach Chloe, Coach Zoe, Coach Jess and Coach Gio and Coach DEW! I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for your ability, enthusiasm and encouragement!"

Maddie S, Westfield, NJ - Bryn Mawr 2025

"I began playing for Coach Dwayne in 5th grade and have had the opportunity to grow up in a program where I was constantly pushed and encouraged to be better.  I can definitely attribute much of my competitive edge and hustle to both the coaches and my own teammates at DEWLAX. It is not just a lacrosse program, but a community in which everyone shares a common goal: to be the best athlete you can be on and off the field. It may sound corny to say ‘you get out what you put in’ but it is extremely applicable. Each and every coach is dedicating their time to helping you get better and I can honestly say that if you work hard and dedicate your time to them, you will. Through my many years at DEWLAX, I improved upon my fundamental lacrosse skills, learned how to utilize my vision of the field in game play, how to be an effective leader and so much more. I will forever be grateful for the friends I made while spending tournament weekends with them in the middle of nowhere and for DEWLAX for pushing me to be the best I can be."

Hayley L, Livingston, NJ 2021


"Playing travel sports is definitely a decision that effects the whole family as it is a commitment for both the player and the parents.  We choose DEWLAX because we could see the personal attention that Dwayne gives to each and every player on every one of his teams.  Not only does Dwayne know each player by name but he can tell you their strengths and weaknesses without having to look them up on a chart.  He most likely can tell you something about the player as a person off the field and their siblings too!  DEWLAX coaches take the time to get to know all of the girls. Dwayne and all of his coaching staff not only are amazing at teaching and motivating the girls to be better lacrosse players but also focus on the whole person. From team building events, physical and mental health support, college recruiting and opportunities to give back to the community they are incredibly well round young ladies by the time they reach senior year. The team is truly a family and they all mature together thru the tough losses and spectacular wins both on and off the field.  The whole experience is so worth the investment in your daughter!"

Christine & Paul M, Sea Girt, NJ


"DEWLAX  is not an ordinary lacrosse tournament program: It is extraordinary.  Girls learn lacrosse fundamentals and the game, but it teaches them so much more.  They learn to be a true team player. They learn to put in 100% regardless of being at practice or a game. Most importantly they gain life skills. On time is 15 minutes early, always be prepared, always put in 100%, work as a team,  and use constructive criticism to develop strengths and weaknesses. 

The coaching staff is so supportive of the girls through encouragement and constructive feedback.

DEWLAX fosters a spirit where the girls enjoy playing together and build each others confidence and skills.

Coach Dwayne is a great motivator and takes the time to get to know each and every girl.  He makes every girl feel special.  He devotes so much time to the girls between practices, weekend tournaments and assisting with college letters and phone calls.  His guidance is fantastic.  His demeanor & presence results in that every College Coach knows Coach Dwayne from DEWLAX.  He helps position the girls in the best possible light to give them the opportunity to play for whatever school they desire.  If you put in the work on the field, Coach Dwayne will go the distance to help you reach your dreams. 

I would highly recommend DEWLAX.  It is truly one family.   Our daughter Sadie thrived at DEWLAX and is prepared to play Division 1 lacrosse at American University in the Fall."

  Stacey and Jeff H, Bridgewater, NJ

"I want to let you know that our daughter had a great time with the team this summer and so did I.  A lot of sports talk a good game but few deliver.  DEWLAX definitely delivered, as there was development, discipline, and desire taught to the girls.  Most important, an awesome atmosphere!

Great program, great team and great parents"

Tony D, Bridgewater, NJ

"The Quick Camp was very organized, the girls were constantly on task.  I liked how the coaches explained what they look for during tryouts, and what makes a good lacrosse player."

Parent from Tryout Prep Camp

“I just wanted to let you know that I have officially signed DI with Longwood University. I want to thank you for all of your help over the past couple years. You have really helped me grow as a goalie and person. You taught me lessons about lacrosse and life in general. You have given me memories that I will always cherish. Thank you for pushing me to play harder and email coaches. It really did pay off in the end. Thank you for helping me get recruited to Longwood because without you I wouldn't be going there.  Thank you so much for everything Coach!

Imani W, Maplewood, NJ

"I have to tell you, I came home one day and my 6th grade son was in the back yard practicing and when I asked him what he was doing (because he never practices) he said he heard this coach coaching girls on a certain technique and he said, "Mom - IT WORKED!".  That coach was a DEWLAX Coach.  I've had an opportunity to observe your coaches as well and you all have unique abilities to connect with every single player on the team.  My kids have played competitive sports for years and it is refreshing to see yourDDEWLAX staff in action."

Parent from Madison, NJ

“The recruiting webinar was excellent! There are many rules and regulations around this important topic and you made it clear and simple to understand for all. It is great to have my daughter in a program that truly cares about her. We all want to win, but what is more important is that they are getting better through hard work every time the girls take the DEWLAX field.”

Jon T, Maplewood, NJ

“I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for Jillian.  I really wish we would have met you years ago.  The improvements I've seen in her are great, and I believe she owes it all to you.  You have a way of pushing her, without her even realizing it.  I don't believe she would have even been considered to play at a college level if we didn't find you last year.  We are just beyond grateful.” 

Barbie F, Bridgewater, NJ

“We are very excited to be a part of your program. The philosophy and positive coaching/team building ideas are a breath of fresh air!

Michelle B Long Valley, NJ  

“The coaches were serious, but I learned more than anywhere else I’ve played and they made it a lot of fun!”

Athlete from Chatham, NJ


 "I can't believe that was a newer club we just played!  They were really well coached, the girls played like a team, and were very organized.  That was a good game."

Opposing Yellow Jackets Coach

"A big thanks to you and the coaches for a great tournament experience.  My girls have played with other top rated travel programs in the area, have gone to tournament finals and won championships with those clubs.  This was our first tournament with DEWLAX, so I asked them on the ride home which program they want to play with this summer.  The answer was a resounding DEWLAX!!  When I asked why, they said, "DEWLAX is so much more fun!  The focus is about playing your best all of the time, and winning will follow - we are not so focused on the score!!"  I loved their response and was really proud of them for the maturity in their answer.  I want to thank you and all of the coaches for encouraging the girls to always play to their best, and never, ever give up.  These are life-long lessons that I am so proud they are learning at such a young age."

Marc D, Plainfield, NJ

"Our daughter had a BLAST!  You were dead on with your instruction - very organized and enthusiastic, to say the least!  WOW!  You clearly have a great training program.  Thank you for a great experience!!

Elizabeth S, Saddle River, NJ

“I am grateful to you and your program. My daughter is getting so much out of the DEWLAX experience, which far exceeds skill and knowledge on a lacrosse field. She is learning teamwork, dedication, discipline, listening skills and modesty. She is learning people skills; both how to interact with her peers and authority. She is learning commitment and the results and rewards of hard work. She is also gaining confidence, strength and maturity. I believe your teaching methods are great as well as your commitment to all of the girls. There is a true sense of team, partnering and respect among the girls….Thank you for creating an opportunity that affords her the environment to do this. We will certainly keep coming back for as long as we have girls and you will have them. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.”
J.T.C., Ho-ho-kus, NJ

“Thanks again for a great tournament team experience. My daughter learned a great deal and more importantly is eager to continue practicing and step up her level of play.”
Clara N, Maplewood, NJ

“Thanks for a wonderful June season. The team, coaches and girls were great. My daughter learned a lot and had lots of fun…”.
Andrew S, Brooklyn, NY

“My daughter learned so much about the sport! Her skills improved, especially understanding the need to be able to cradle/throw left and right and I have to tell you, my daughter plays other competitive sports and this is the best run program we have ever been a participant.  Communication has been GREAT!
Ali R, Cranford, NJ

“Thank you for a terrific lacrosse experience. Speaking for my daughter, she certainly grew as a lax player, enjoyed being with her teammates, coaches and loved the fast pace and intensity…we will be ready for the Fall!”
Ed D, Berkeley Heights, NJ

“You and your coaching staff did a fantastic job training these girls in such a disciplined, positive manner while making it fun….Your passion, commitment and motivation skills are undeniable. You are a role model not only for the players, but for all coaches at every level for all sports.”
John S, New Providence, NJ

“I liked the clear, consistent communication….liked the positive attitude and accountability.
Alex H, Randolph, NJ

“You did a great job Dwayne. You are one of the best I’ve seen…you taught my daughter how to be tougher, stronger, contributing player without the ball. All your work on team building, groundballs, doubles, defensive and offensive strategy, program culture was really impressive and valued.”
Noah E, Maplewood, NJ


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