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Athlete FIRST Approach


Our Coaches care about every athlete. It is not only about making our best players better, it’s creating a TEAM.  It’s about setting goals for every player, and helping the athlete reach their goals. 
It doesn’t matter if the player is on the top of the roster or the bottom, each athlete is coached, contributes and plays to their potential.  We coach our athletes up!
Our coaches lead by example.  They don’t stand on the sidelines quietly – our coaches coach and engage the athlete. Our teams leave it on the field.


DEWLAX  coaches are fully trained and the majority US Lacrosse Certified, to develop and guide our athletes.  Led by Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer Dwayne Wilkins (also former US Lacrosse Trainer) and Dee Stephan (College, HS & Youth Coaching Veteran and CT Hall of Famer); our coaches are required to develop their coaching skills by internal and external training. 

Your child will never be in the hands of untrained or unseasoned coaches.


We believe in Double Goal Coach – Winning & Life Lessons go hand in hand.  Our coaches talk about Leadership, Effort, Intensity and Hard Work as the tent poles of success – these qualities are the lifeblood and soul of our program.  We believe in well rounded athletes – life is more than sports.


We get back to you when we say.  We answer every e-mail. Our coaches will always communicate. 
At no time do we want our athletes to not know where they stand. We have an open door policy so that athletes can address any need – our coaches will get back to you within 24 hours with feedback. You will not be left in the dark.


For our youth teams in New Jersey, all tournaments are local and are during the month of June. That allows for families to relax and vacation after July 4th! 
For Rising Freshmen, our HS Teams and our teams in Connecticut and Massachussets we play additional recruiting tournament in July.


Our Schedule is efficient and effective. Each practice is designed for preparation for tournament play. 
Quality tournaments are selected for competitive play.  There is no down time. Our season doesn’t drag on and hinder summer family fun.


DEWLAX coaches know college coaches. We understand the roadmap to college and can help advise you on how to get there. Our relationships with college coaches, from recruiting seminars to recommendation letters to the right tournaments will help you in your quest for college lacrosse.


The recruiting process is challenging and opaque. We provide 1:1 recruiting services as part of tuition for appropriate grade athletes.  We meet 1:1 and are available for discussions about the process.  We offer video conferences for HS athletes each season to provide direction for athletes and their families. EVERYONE is provided the services, not just a chosen few.

This is an extremely important part of selecting a club. DEWLAX offers the most comprehensive recruiting service in the region.

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