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We specialize in custom training for teams, towns and small groups. Our coaches build custom curriculum defined by the team coach to teach specialized areas of focus. Teams walk away with a better understanding of offensive/defensive/transition concepts AND with defined individual skill strengthening.
We provide the athlete with drills & strategies they can execute on their own, thus the athlete always takes something away from our clinics.
Want to participate in a custom clinic? Grab 6 friends and we will work with you to design the custom clinic for you and your crew – Want to learn defense? We’ve got something for you! Want to shoot better?  We can take care of that as well. Tell us what you need, and we’ll provide the solution!

  • Fall Session I – Focus – Individual Skill Development 

  • Fall Session II – Focus – Offensive/Defensive Domination 

  • Winter Session I – Focus – Two Girl Game 

  • Winter Session II – Focus - Small Sided Game Play  

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