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Best bet, concentrate on your grades, use your athletic talent to help get into the school of your choice. Academic scholarships outnumber athletic scholarships 10:1.


Playing a sport is a wonderful experience for young athletes attending college. The recruiting process is difficult to navigate, with NCAA rules, coaching turnover, requirements etc. Your main focus is your grades. Having a strong academic record opens a lot of doors and allows coaches to work with their admissions departments to secure you placement at the school of your choice.

DEWLAX understands this important step. It starts NOW – Teaching the right tactics and techniques to play at the next level. Learning how to behave like an athlete, teaching athletes how to be coachable – that is what we do with ALL of our teams starting with fourth graders.

We then formally work with all of our families starting in the 8th grade to help athletes with a roadmap to their goals if they want to play at the next level. We make a concerted effort to check in with families, write custom recommendations and provide guidance wherever needed. This is a free resource for our collegiate bound athletes.

Our College Recruiting Roadmap is a step by step guideline that provides the athlete with exactly what is needed to play at the next level. DEWLAX College Recruiting Counselors help guide our Tournament Team members through the process – not just the superstars, but EVERYONE who plays for our HS teams can have an opportunity to play at the next level. We have DI, DII and DIII Coaches and athletes speak with our players about their experiences, coaches’ expectations and requirements, etc.

We strongly urge you to continue to hone your game, even if you are a dual sport athlete, pick up that stick once weekly to continue to hone and develop your skills.


What we provide is different and what we do is different. We are like that car rental place – "We Try Harder!”

  • Recruiting Seminars where we provide the athlete a timeline of what they need to do to be recruited and play in college

  • Current & Former DI/DII/DIII Players who formally sit and speak with our athletes about what it takes to play collegiately in various programs

  • Head coaches of local colleges/universities come and speak with the athletes as well as come to our tryouts to help evaluate and guest coach

  • Evaluative processes so athletes know EXACTLY what they need to work on to be successful - Roadmaps and plans to help athletes be in positions where they can be successful

  • Recommendations and introductions to college coaches - Individual 1:1 counseling services for every DEWLAX athlete, not just a chosen few superstars

  • Coaches Assistants programs for DEWLAX trained athletes to help learn the craft of coaching as seniors on their way to play in college



Want to play lacrosse in college? Then you need to understand how lacrosse scholarship money is divvied up. Unlike collegiate basketball and football, lacrosse can award partial scholarships and full rides. Each program is allotted an amount of money equal to a certain number of full rides. The money can then be allocated any way the coach wishes. Division I men’s lacrosse teams receive 12.69 full scholarships’ worth of money per year; and women’s teams receive 12 scholarships’ worth. The numbers for Division II are 10.8 for men’s teams and 9.9 for women’s.

In 2005, the 56 Division I men’s teams received scholarship money equivalent to 710.64 full rides; the 80 women’s teams received the equivalent of 960 full scholarships. In Division II, 32 men’s and 36 women’s programs received 345.6 and 356.4 scholarships’ worth of money, respectively.

Full rides are extremely rare, typically a college coach may have 1-3 “Full Ride” athletes who may be the cornerstone of their program, and the rest of the monies are divided amongst the remaining roster. How big is your prospective school’s roster? How many players are scholarship athletes? How many players see the field? These are questions you might ask.

DEWLAX Recruiting Services

DEWLAX Recruiting Services

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