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Headed up by veteran youth coach and rec program administrator, Theresa Crowther, DEWLAX Phenoms provide professional coaching and direction to provide a foundation for strong habit and skills development.


The DEWLAX PHENOMS program serves athletes in grades K-3. The DEWLAX PHENOMS program is looking for athletic players who may have little experience, but have expressed interest in the sport.

This program is not for absolute beginners.  Participants must be athletic, play another sport competitively and have their own equipment. This program includes training with senior staffers, building the technical strong foundation of lacrosse for each athlete.

Tuition for the PHENOM program includes:

-Professional Coaching

-PHENOMS practice pinnie

-Big Sister Mentoring 

-Possibility to play in Summer Tournaments

INTERESTED?? You must email us with your daughter’s name, grade and town with PHENOM in the subject.

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